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A doTERRA wholesale membership is $35 or FREE with any Enrolment Kit. Renews annually for $25. Receive a FREE 15ml Peppermint oil with renewal!

Wholesale means 25% below retail and membership is FREE with any of the popular Enrolment Kits. You can check out the ready made kits below on this page. Kits are a great way to take the difficult decision out of picking oils as they create a beautiful selection of oils that will suit all households and families. 



Host a class and help friends and family find natural solutions. Earn free products and more!



Launch your own doTERRA business with proven training and powerful support. Create lasting residual income and greater freedom in your life. 

Which Enrolment Kit would you like?

Home Essentials Kit - $330 + postage

Includes our ten most popular oils and blends- Oregano - Tea Tree - Lemon - Frankincense - On Guard® - Lavender - Peppermint- DigestZen® - Easy Air™ - Ice Blue® (5mL) - Petal Diffuser -  Wellness Advocate™ Introductory Packet & Enrolment

Why I love this kit!

  • The most popular kit to start your essential oil journey.
  • Fantastic savings! $245 off individual retail prices. 
  • Full Size bottles 15ml = 250 drops. 5ml bottles = 85 drops
  • Huge versatility. No matter what issue pops up, there will be a solution in one of these 10 bottles.

Nature's Solutions Kits - $635 + Postage

ONE BOTTLE OF EACH: 15mL bottles (unless otherwise stated) of: DigestZen®, Purify®, Tea Tree, Oregano, AromaTouch®, Frankincense, Lavender Peace®, Easy Air®, Citrus Bliss®, Lavender, Lemon,  Peppermint, Smart & Sassy®, Lemongrass, On Guard®,  PastTense®(10mL), Clary Calm® (10mL), Ice Blue® (5mL) - Ice Blue Rub® - Correct X® - Fractionated Coconut Oil - Easy Air Vapour Stick - Petal Diffuser - Wooden Box - On Guard® Cleansing Toothpaste - On Guard® Foaming Hand Wash (with 2 dispensers) - On Guard® Beadlets - Introductory Packet & Enrolment packet.

Why I absolutely adore this kit!

  • SAVINGS = $451 off individual retail prices.
  • Everything you need to start your health and wellness journey.
  • Exclusive benefits Bonus 100LRP points valued over $150 in FREE products. Fast Tracked Loyalty Rewards Program by 3 months. Start at 15% rebate. 
  • You get a cool box to store your oils in. Your friends will be so jealous. 

Oil Sharing Kit - $1390 + postage

Designed for a retail business and comes with multiples of oils. ONE BOTTLE OF EACH: 15 mL bottles (unless otherwise noted): Oregano, Lavender Peace, Elevation, Citrus Bliss®, Cilantro and Grapefruit.TWO BOTTLES OF EACH: Frankincense, Wild Orange, AromaTouch®, Balance, PastTense® (10 mL) and Smart & Sassy®. THREE BOTTLES OF EACH: Lemon, Tea Tree, Peppermint, DigestZen®, Lavender, Easy Air, On Guard® and Ice Blue® (5 mL).

Please note: This Oil Sharing Kit is different to the International Oil Sharing Kit (USA) as it does not include all the printed brochures.

- Petal Diffuser - Cap Stickers For Common Oils (5 Sheets) - Fractionated Coconut Oil (4 Oz) - Sample Keychain 8-Vial (Black) - Wellness Advocate™ Introductory Packet & Enrolment